Current for 2017-2018 period

Printing Specifications

All of our downloadable documents, including Distiller settings etc can be found at this web address:

Screen ruling: Stochastic 36 - dot gain @ 20%-30%

No bleed available

All images, artwork and photos MUST be free of copyright. Images, artwork and photos lifted from other publications, books, catalogues, etc, or anything marked with a copyright notice, will be queried and, if no permission for use is obtained, we will be forced to refuse them. Torch uses the standard Fairfax colour settings when producing papers.

Fairfax colour settings

As our papers are electronically paginated, we prefer to receive all supplied ads or content electronically - either by disk, USB Key, Dropbox or e-mail. Please refer to the section on sending electronic material later in this document. OUR PREFERRED FILE FORMAT IS PDF, created by Acrobat Distiller. Due to font licensing issues, we no longer accept material in native formats eg. Quark, InDesign, Word, Powerpoint, MS Publisher etc. NOTE: Customers are not allowed to supply typefaces to an individual or company who do not already own valid licenses for the typefaces, as the customer may be liable and printer could also be liable without owning their own license. Customers are allowed to submit a font with a print job IF AND ONLY IF the individual or company already owns a valid license for all of those typefaces. This allowance is to ensure that the job images exactly as the customer created it. We also accept jobs via Quickcut©. Disks and USB Keys can be sent to: Torch Publishing, 47 Allingham St, Condell Park NSW 2200 or you can e-mail files under 3 megabytes to: ads@torchpublishing.com.au. You can, however, FTP files of any size to our FTP server. You can contact us regarding guest access or, if you will be dealing with us frequently, we can set up a private directory for you. Contact us for further information. When sending files electronically, please include a short e-mail confirming the details of the file. The issue date, publication, size of ad, client and agency information should be considered a minimum requirement. Also include a contact phone number so we can reach you in the event of a problem. We only accept Adobe PDF documents with ALL fonts embedded, CMYK and a resolution of 200dpi or higher. Advertising material can be sent via email, FTP or Quikcut©. Please note, we cannot accept nor convert advertising copy or material supplied in Microsoft Office formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Publisher. Advertising text should be sent only as a text (.txt) file. Always check this site for updated terms and conditions.

Please contact our Pre-Press Department on (02) 9795 0000 if you have any queries before preparing or sending advertising copy or material.

Supplied material which does not meet our specifications cannot be guaranteed to reproduce as intended and therefore the publisher cannot be held liable.

Insert specifications are available upon request. Material that does not meet the specifications cannot be inserted in our publications.

Online Proofing

All web proofing will be automatically generated when your advertisment booking has been approved. All you need to do is contact your representative and request that your preferred method of proofing will be via our website. Please note: your ad number will be a unique code.

Web Specifications

All of our settings are compatible with Fairfax:

Sizes available are as follows:

MREC: 300px x 250px
Half Page: 300px x 600px
Skyscraper: 160px x 600px
Leaderboard: 728px x 90px
MREC: 300px x 250px

Please contact us if you require alternatives to the above or you require animation. (WE DO NOT SUPPORT FLASH).

Supplied material which does not meet our specifications cannot be guaranteed to reproduce as intended and therefore the publisher cannot be held liable.