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Puzzle type: crossword


1. What in Japan is a Mawashi - Sumo wrestlers belt 2. What place was nicknamed “The Pearl of the Orient” Manilla - Philippines 3. What space craft mapping Venus named 15/16 century explorer Magellan 4. What are you doing if you performed Applejack Chaos Rev up Line Dancing 5. What does a Jingling Johnny do in Australia Manually shear sheep 6. What WW II British medal carries the words For Gallantry George Cross 7. What Australian town used to be called Stuart until 1925 Alice Springs 8. Cheval-vapeur in France is equal to what in English Horse power 9. Whose original back up group were The Blue Moon Boys Elvis Presley 10. In the siege of Mafeking who led the defenders Robert Baden Powell 11. It was finally abolished in Britain in 1948 - what was Flogging 12. In what country did the word plonk meaning wine originate Australia 13. What is a corduroy road made from Logs laid down on swampy ground 14. What was the name of the Soviet Space Shuttle - Buran 15. Whose cases were Empty House Copper Beeches Black Peter Sherlock Holmes